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The Girl God

Comments from readers

"I received my copy of The Girl God and just finished reading it. It is the perfect companion to my Feminist Spirituality Through an Interfaith Lens class this semester in seminary. I am using it as inspiration for a sermon I will be preaching for my Holistic Preaching class. And I will be sharing it with everyone! Blessings be upon us all." ~Nancy

"I'm excited to have my copy in hand.  I plan to use it with my two sons and with my ALL boy Sunday School class - I believe they need to experience the sacred Feminine Divine and Sacred in girls and women as much as girls and women do!!" ~Laura"

"The recreation of narrative form and pictorial representation of what is called Creation (in a linear context of time) is indebted to the work of women who engage us in ways that help us reconnect to heal after centuries of disconnections. In their work The Girl God, Trista and Elisabeth accomplish a monumental task. I wish them both, as well as the women who read The Girl God, a place in the hearts of all those who must heal biblical injuries upon injuries from generations sunk in the opposite of Mother's love."
~Vrinda Puja

"I just read through the book briefly and everything I hoped it would be is confirmed. I write this to you with tears in my eyes. To offer this to my daughter as a sign of how I value and honor the sacred power within her is a true gift to us both and I am forever grateful to you for that." ~Andrew Gurevich

"This is wonderful! It's about time...congrats...wish this was around when my daughter was very young but I managed to teach her these values...thank you! Enjoyable reading and beautiful be enjoyed by young and old alike...peace..."         ~MarthaLee

"I have to say, I've been raised as a Catholic all my 16 years of life and somehow...the things I was told didn't seem to fit together or make sense to me. I've never felt truly in tune with my faith because I couldn't seem to relate to just seemed off somehow. God being a woman makes a lot more sense now that I think about it. Thank you so so much for helping me in my realization! :)" ~E.S.

"I love this site. I have a 3 year old daughter. This moves me and empowers to reach a new level with my daughter and God!  Very proud of what you have put together Trista! Wow!" ~Shari H.

"I ran across a link to this site in an article in Ms.  I am interested in what I have read here.  I have recently begun on a journey in a 12 step program and am struggling, or have been, with step 2 and the idea of a higher power personal to me.  The question about a girl god struck me with a force I am embarrassed to admit, as a woman who attended a feminist college and studied gender." ~Eleanor H.

"I stumbled on your work on Facebook. It is so heart-warming to read the conclusions that you have come to. I am a medicine woman living in the UK, and hold sacred space for women so that they can access the pain they have suffered at the hands of patriarchy. On my blog, I write about the sadness that Mothers experience when, after bringing new life into the world, they lose that child to a patriarchal system that steals women's souls and spirit. As a soul doctor, I help women to retrieve lost power - it inspires me that you, as a Mother, are gifting your daughter with a feminine honouring template to live by. Many blessings." ~Charly F